August 19 - 23, 2013 ten Pittsburgh Area
High School Students will be experiencing a five-day adventure learning trip to Yellowstone National Park. The trip is sponsored by Park Journeys, Inc. a Pittsburgh based organization that provides these types of opportunities to Manchester Bidwell Corporation’s network of National Centers of Arts and Technology.

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Additionally, check out our archives for the Cincinnati Delegate team comments. They visited Yellowstone with Park Journeys July 29 - August 3.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pittsburgh MCG - Corey - Day 4

Today we hiked all the way to the top of Bunsen Peak and ended up beating Cincinnati’s record of hiking to there. Their record was a total of 5 hours but we beat them by about half an hour. The bad part was a squirrel stole my goldfish and I was pretty upset. However, we all earned a medallion confirming that we conquered Bunsen Peak! In conclusion who’s ready to party!!!! 

Pittsburgh MCG - Ivy - Day 4

At the beginning of this trip, conquering Bunsen Peak was just a goal in my mind. It was looming overhead the past couple days threatening us with destruction, but in the end we destroyed it. It was awesome having so much energy and passion to climb up the mountain and it was what was keeping us going. Throughout the hike one person would carry a single brick, and another would ask them if they could take it to remove the burden. It was an experience for all of us that made us trust each other more! Once we arrived at the top, it was breathtaking. The view was mountains EVERYWHERE. The clouds cast amazing shadows on the ground, and you could see the snow on the peaks of the mountains. It’s something that I will remember forever and will look forward to seeing it again. Whether or not it’s in 5 years or 20 years, from this day on I am making a promise to myself to come back. This has been a trip that I will carry throughout my life and will never share the same experience and feelings as I did with this group again.

Pittsburgh MCG - Nikki - Day 4

There is a tether, tied around me, you, everyone, that keeps us from reaching the mountaintops, from touching the sky. It’s always some fear that acts as thread, holding us at bay. Stray too far, and the tether chokes you. But only until you find scissors

I am strong. This I now know. Sadness can no longer trap me. Fear has no grip on my neck anymore. Beauty is out there, if only I’m willing to climb for it.

Some odd peace has set over since the summit. It’s because I can overcome anything now. I can see my own life, like looking into the Yellowstone River on a sunny day; I see what’s important and what’s not. I see who will be in my life forever, and who won’t be. From the mountaintop, I can see where I’ve been. And I can see where I’m going. (Down the mountain first, then anywhere.)

Alone, you can reach the peak of Bunsen. With a team, we can reach the stars. They’re there to talk you into walking up a mountain, they’re there to dry your tears, to take the fifteen pound weight off your back and put it on their shoulders. What is one rope of fear when fifteen people are carrying scissors? They help kill the fear. They lift you up. All the way to the summit.

Pittsburgh MCG - Brian - Day 4


Today was Bunsen day.  I stood at the beginning of the trail, staring at the mountain’s peak.  The only thought running through my head: I WILL do this!  Then we embarked on the most strenuous hike of this trip.

The trail starts gradual, and then turns into a steep zigzag up the side of the mountain.  As we were climbing I wondered if people ever climbed/hiked straight up the mountain rather than taking the trail.  It’s what I would have done, and I probably would have made it to the peak faster. But, we inevitably made it to the top.  The feeling of accomplishment was exhilarating.  We ate lunch, and exchanged hugs, high-fives, and handshakes.

Then we descended, and looked out at Yellowstone from great heights one last time.  We got to the bus, and Michelle gave us the news that we were 30 minutes faster than a previous group.  We got into the bus, and I passed out.  In theory the bison chili will be good, and my chili success rate will be 2.

Pittsburgh MCG - Tae - Day 4

Today we got to Bunsen Peak, it was pretty awesome. I struggled to the top with Michelle helping me. My calves were so tight and it was hard to breath. But Michelle helped me relax and keep going even took my pack for a while. But when we got to the peak so funny stuff happened. A chipmunk sat on my foot in the middle of a speech; I held up (like how the monkey does to samba in the lion king) a dog in a Steelers uniform. I took the dog up and down the hill dropped it a few times. (Sorry Jess). Oh and that chipmunk stole one of Keith’s fig newton. XD …. I know I’m not going into detail. Oh out the window it’s cloudy and rainy. We head home tomorrow. I hope the family stays together. I love them.

Pittsburgh MCG - Trevor - Day 4

So today we went up Bunsen Peak. Some of us were at the bottom thinking they can’t make it. Others were determined. Still others just thought it looked fun. We started walking. A few hours later, we were ALL at the top looking at the amazing vista before us. We could see the Great Tetons to the South. They were over 2 hours away. We saw patches of trees and winding rivers and ponds stretched before us. Electric Peak gleamed in the distance.

It was beautiful.

Notice how I said we started walking. We saw the mountains. WE made it to the top. We all went in together, and a chord of three strands is not easily broken. We had fifteen strands, so I suppose we were good.

Then we descended. I didn’t want to. I would’ve been perfectly content staying up there for another 2 hours. But alas, bison chili called, and it was tasty.

Tonight is our last as a group, and I have enjoyed every second. Tomorrow I return home to my family, but I know that I now have another family.

Pittsburgh MCG - Eve - Day 4

Today we climbed Bunsen peak, and made it to the top! It was 4.2 miles of uphill rocks and dirt. When we were walking down, I did not want to leave. I’m still completely in awe of nature and how all these events came to place to create such an amazing place. Later we went to Mammoth springs, and it looked like a bunch of coral. As our final treat for the day we all got to go to the gift store and I got a children’s book, a bison plush that when squeezed makes the bison noise, and my mother’s birthday present. Tomorrow we have to present our knowledge on our topic and how we want to better our community. Honestly I have no idea how I want to better my community and am hoping I will get a spark of genius sometime tonight.